Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bang Bang I Shot My Baby Down

Hello ladies and gentlemen and other people!

The winter holidays are past, the usual scrawny mess of relations, awkward work-related holiday parties and wrangling for vacation days is dead and buried, and thoughts have been turning back to band names.

Frankly, it's been a while since real inspiration has struck, and when it did it was at awkward times like in an international airliner 36,000 feet over the frozen tundra of northern Canada, or while talking (what? Talking. What? TALKING!) to Grandma over Christmas.

But then, this morning, we discovered an amazing thing: an animated Tom Waits video from the early 70's. Like so many wonderful things, this was found on the Facebook of Mr. Lee Presson, but it was reposted in short order and led to today's Band Name Of The Day:

See that? See the very end of that amazing video? Yeah, that's  your Band Name Of The Day And Indeed The Last Few Months:

Animated Nipples! Hold that one close and cradle it to your heart like the precious thing it is! It's a band name inspired by Less Presson and Tom Waits, two of the greatest performing artists who haven't died yet! It's als a damn fine band name for any sort of underground band. They'll never got mainstream because you just can't get public exposure (heh) with a band name like Animated Nipples, but in the meantime they're putting out some of the funkiest acid jazz/hip hop/rock and roll/Appalachian fiddle music/hybrid classical/whatever they play you've ever heard!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time Keeps On Slippin' Into The Future

Ladies and Gents, the Band Name Blog has lain fallow for too long! This is not only a disgrace, but also a record in Band Name Of The Day Blog History, and thus nothing but shameful.

The responsible parties have been sacked, and we resolve to do better in the future, especially in light of the wonderful band names we continue to receive in a sporadic but never ending trickle. For that, we thank you!

The first band name comes from our Southern Correspondent in God's own armpit Fresno, who suggests:

Stink Capsule: This would be a great name for a goth band, especially considering how she came by it: She found an article about a perfume that comes in pill form and then you swallow it. Interesting theory, we're not convinced patchouli and rose hip burps are all that sexy, but that's why it's a goth band. Beats coffin breath.

Moving right along, the next name comes from the selfsame correspondent, this time talking about English pub bands:

Shove Shilling, which we envision as a sort of hipster indie band from Swindon or some other quaintly decaying urban place across the pond. Sort of like The Decemberists with a dash of Sex Pistols. You know, just for the Britishisms.

And finally, we have one hailing in from the Warped House:

Emergency Vodka Pouches. This is another amazingly versatile band name, and handily combines alcoholism with preparedness and a touch of... something. Marsupials, maybe. Mostly, everyone was just drunk and utterly taken with the idea of pre-mixed drinks in sealed pouches. Like most drunk people, "mixed drinks" quickly became "vodka and fuck-all."

Good times.

Stay tuned for more band names, we'll attempt to be less remiss in future postings!

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Monster Mash

So a few weeks ago the entire Warped House was back together. As happens when this happens, the jokes rapidly got ribald, and then just tasteless. See, when you have a bunch of intelligent and utterly shameless people with a bit too much fascination with nature get talking, nothing is off the table. Including the mating habits of ducks.

And this, somehow, lead to the first Band Name Of The Day:

DEDV, which is a really bad opening band that's never gonna go anywhere.

Got all that? Good. DEDV stands for dead-end duck vagina. It's actually pretty typical- go Google it. And that neatly leads into our second Band Name Of The Day, which is... (drum roll, please!):

Exploding Duck Cock! Yup, see, the female's got dead ends, and the male's got an exploding cock. And now you know more about duck anatomy than you ever wanted to. This absolutely, positively, has to be a punk band.

And then we had a bit of a palate cleanser by way of discussing Vegas (which, in this group, can also be pretty raunchy but less raunchy than duck mating habits), and then their trip to Zumanity, which lead to the newest member of our tribe to blurt out yet another band name, the Bonus Band Name Of The Day:

Pedicure With A Pocketknife. Apparently this was her idea of a good time after watching hot and half-naked people writing about in bowls of water or waving sticks with ribbons on them. This isn't a bad band name at all though, despite the generally long and perhaps awkward nature of it. It's a very flexible and adaptable band name that would work well for swing, punk, rock and roll, dark jazz, all sorts of stuff!

Anyhow, that's all for now. We've got several more in the hopper from our recent shenanigans, but we've been busy lately so posting has been sporadic. The blog is not dead, or even ailing all that much, it's just a bit tired at the moment. Ta!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scott Who? Versus The What?

Today we've got some interesting band names for you from a few different corners of the world. There has been a pretty heavy interest in indie, punk rock, folk and other wierd sorts of music here, mostly because they tend to have weird band names.

Today is no different. Let's dive right in:

The Indie One-Shots, who were obviously formed for a one-off show at a festival or rally or something, and were so well received that they stuck around for 13 years and 4 albums, including 2 #3 hits in the US, 4 #2 hits in the UK, and a staggering 5 #1 hits on the Japanese pop charts! They do pretty well, but the lead singer's girlfriend still insists that "one-shots" is an appropriate name. We're sure we have no idea why.

The next one's a bit more... unusual. Well, perhaps not, depending where you're from. This is another one from The Chemist, who happens to live just down the peninsula from San Francisco. He'd know...

Nacho Mama's Escorts, a band of cross-dressing, gender-fucked ambiguous call girls from the Tenderloin of San Francisco, who just so happen to have a vocal jazz quartet on the side. They're locally famous for their cover of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." Especially the baritone is well known for her sultry, rich vocals.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Animals

So in the last post we promised you more horridly disgusting band names from the Warped House, but you'll just have to wait a little bit longer.

First, we've got some surrealist band names for you! See, lately we've had a bit of a dearth of band names, and then an explosion of really, um... original band names.

First, we have a classic Oakland band name:

Unpredictable Bicycle, and like any great Oakland band name this is probably going to be a set of drums, two guitars, Buddy Holly glasses and skinny jeans. But with a name like that, they've got to be skilled or go under. That having been said- like all bands on here, they don't exist yet, so it's up to you to make that happen!

And then we have another one from the latest initiate into the Warped House! See, she had this toy, it's a... well, it's:

Squishy Hippo! Talk about a wide-open band name! Seriously, this could be anything: classic rock, psychedelia, jazz, even a classical ensemble with a sense of humor!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sweet Loretta

Ladies and Gents, it's been a bit of a hibernation period here at BNOTD, but don't worry- we've reunited the Warped House, and good lord do we have band names for you! Some are in rather bad taste, but that's OK, you'll survive.

The first one we have comes from a strange article about automatons in medieval churches. Yup, they had mechanical devils! This, in turn, leads to our first Band Name Of The Day:

The Wigged Out Church Goers! This would be a great band name for a rock band of recovering cultists, but more realistically probably more along the lines of some sort of punk outfit. Not Daft Punk, just, y'know, regular punk. In a roundabout way, this came in by the Barber, but he had some help from various and sundry... individuals.

And hey, while we're on blasphemy (don't worry, it gets better worse later this week!), here's one to really wig out the church goers:

The Glandular Secrets, which can be nothing but a feminist punk rock band. Or a transgender kickline, either way. Thanks to the Chemist for that one!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Here We Are Now Entertain Us

It's been a busy week for us here at Band Name Of The Day, but unfortunately not with blog-related stuff. Mostly it's been tedious things like earning money to support our blog habit, or figuring out what pub to go quaff beer in tonight.

Nevertheless, we do have some new band names for you! The first one comes from Mark, one of our most loyal followers and a veritable fount of excellent band names! Mark writes in to suggest:

Plovell Fayneman, and recommends that they play "hardcore accountant rock." We think this would work well as the name for a musician of some sort- maybe a Klezmer band leader, or a jazz bassist.

From there, of course, it degenerated like conversations are apt to. Someone shouted out:

The Mighty Froinlaven Players, but didn't bother to say what sort of a band that is. We smell hippies.

Then someone else popped off with:

Shelley & the Combover Kings, which is an excellent band name for a cheesy lounge act. Think a band of has-beens that never were who finally are and know it. Unfortunately, their music is far smoother than their pickup lines, and they're stuck actually playing music on stage rather than "playing music" backstage, if you know what we mean!