Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bang Bang I Shot My Baby Down

Hello ladies and gentlemen and other people!

The winter holidays are past, the usual scrawny mess of relations, awkward work-related holiday parties and wrangling for vacation days is dead and buried, and thoughts have been turning back to band names.

Frankly, it's been a while since real inspiration has struck, and when it did it was at awkward times like in an international airliner 36,000 feet over the frozen tundra of northern Canada, or while talking (what? Talking. What? TALKING!) to Grandma over Christmas.

But then, this morning, we discovered an amazing thing: an animated Tom Waits video from the early 70's. Like so many wonderful things, this was found on the Facebook of Mr. Lee Presson, but it was reposted in short order and led to today's Band Name Of The Day:

See that? See the very end of that amazing video? Yeah, that's  your Band Name Of The Day And Indeed The Last Few Months:

Animated Nipples! Hold that one close and cradle it to your heart like the precious thing it is! It's a band name inspired by Less Presson and Tom Waits, two of the greatest performing artists who haven't died yet! It's als a damn fine band name for any sort of underground band. They'll never got mainstream because you just can't get public exposure (heh) with a band name like Animated Nipples, but in the meantime they're putting out some of the funkiest acid jazz/hip hop/rock and roll/Appalachian fiddle music/hybrid classical/whatever they play you've ever heard!

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