Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time Keeps On Slippin' Into The Future

Ladies and Gents, the Band Name Blog has lain fallow for too long! This is not only a disgrace, but also a record in Band Name Of The Day Blog History, and thus nothing but shameful.

The responsible parties have been sacked, and we resolve to do better in the future, especially in light of the wonderful band names we continue to receive in a sporadic but never ending trickle. For that, we thank you!

The first band name comes from our Southern Correspondent in God's own armpit Fresno, who suggests:

Stink Capsule: This would be a great name for a goth band, especially considering how she came by it: She found an article about a perfume that comes in pill form and then you swallow it. Interesting theory, we're not convinced patchouli and rose hip burps are all that sexy, but that's why it's a goth band. Beats coffin breath.

Moving right along, the next name comes from the selfsame correspondent, this time talking about English pub bands:

Shove Shilling, which we envision as a sort of hipster indie band from Swindon or some other quaintly decaying urban place across the pond. Sort of like The Decemberists with a dash of Sex Pistols. You know, just for the Britishisms.

And finally, we have one hailing in from the Warped House:

Emergency Vodka Pouches. This is another amazingly versatile band name, and handily combines alcoholism with preparedness and a touch of... something. Marsupials, maybe. Mostly, everyone was just drunk and utterly taken with the idea of pre-mixed drinks in sealed pouches. Like most drunk people, "mixed drinks" quickly became "vodka and fuck-all."

Good times.

Stay tuned for more band names, we'll attempt to be less remiss in future postings!


  1. Ok, here's one for ya: it's a pop-rock band, like unto Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Monkees, or The Turtles.
    [drum roll]
    ....Daniel Boone and the 3 Muskrateers!