Monday, January 31, 2011

Trade In Your Hours For A Handful Of Dimes

Good evening ladies and gents, and welcome back to the work week! Monday flew by in a haze of weekend catchup, but we've got some band names for you.

And don't worry, these are quite innocuous. We'll return to our usual collection of horribly inappropriate names soon enough.

In the meantime, we have one brought to you by a collective of people who wear amusing socks under their work clothes, in a quiet (yet dangerous!) challenge to corporate regalia. And the Band Name Of The Day Runner Up is:

The Funny Sock Brigade, which may be the gentlest band name to date, and could even be used for a kid's singing group! Of course, with this crowd it's more likely to involve black-clad corporate ninjas who hike up their trouser legs in defiance every weekday evening at 5:00 and sing silly ditties.

Moving right along we have one from a musician, mother and enthusiastic cook, who suggested our Bonus Band Name Of The Day:

Choppin' Broccoli! She thought it would make a great punk band name, but we're gonna raise the steaks stakes here say it could even be classical punk! Oh, yes, we did!

We're going to hell, but for a completely different reason than we normally are. And on that note, we have the Official BNOTD.BlogSpot.Com Band Name Of The Day Blog Band Name Of The Day:

Aggressive Blessings, a Christian punk band of rare caliber.

Have a good evening, we're off to go raise hell elsewhere.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

He Taught Her How To Kick The Gong Aroun'

It's been a long weekend here at BNOTD. First Friday with its horrible movie and even worse Band Name, and then yesterday with another horribly inappropriate band name, and then the work started.

First we had to take a couple of friends out to Ethiopian food for their birthdays, and then on to a tiki lounge for drinks, which rounded of Saturday rather nicely but put us in bad shape for this morning. First the MOMA for decadent culturalizationalizing, then to China Town for dimsum and then...

Well, then we were home and too beat to come up with a hilarious band name for you insatiable masses, so we reached back to Mark Ungar for inspiration. Verily, that man is a font of band names! And the BNOTD is:

The Toothpick Necromancers. Apparently this was the subject title of a randomly generated spam email Mark got. Being a man of quick reflexes, he instantly thought "Band Name Of The Day!" and zapped it off to us. These guys would probably play some sort of musically awesome, lyrically odd soft rock, sort like the Halo Benders*.

But Mark's not a lazy chap, and provided us with a second BNOTD:

Giant Rotating Furnace! Clearly this is a gawth rawk industrial and club band, strong on the bass and heavy guitars, with guttural lyrics and unbelievably sculpted and spiked hair.

*The Halo Benders are a real band, which means we can't use their name here, more's the pity.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jack the Stripper

So there we were, one of us was about to leave for the Bay Area, another was getting ready to leave for Arizona, and the third was pouting at us for leaving, one for a week, one more or less permanently (more on that later).

And then Professor asked Show Off to bring her back a present from Arizona. And Show Off, like a good boy, promised he would.

Show Off: What would you like?

Professor: A stripper?

Sellout: Just make sure it's not a diseased one.

And there was our Band Name Of The Day:

The Diseased Strippers. They play music. What sort? Who knows, nobody goes to see them!

Friday, January 28, 2011


So, remember these guys? Yeah, they're back.

Sellout: (watching a bad movie)

Professor: (giggling)

Show Off: ...Sellout...?

Sellout: This is bad. When Professor is giggling and Show Off says "...Sellout...?" I always need to bring about a gallon of brain bleach.

Professor: (giggling, straddling Show Off)

Show Off (with a beaten look): Band name: Lamprey Blowjob.

And there you have it:

Lamprey Blowjob. What? Punk rock of course, what else?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Down There At The Pawn Shop

Well, it's been a slow day in the office. Worked some customer support, wrote some documentation, got in a nerf war, that sort of thing.

And here is the Band Name Of The Day, courtesy of of a friend, officemate and manager:

Dimestore Muse! This is the sort of band we could see playing contemporary folk with a country twist, a sort of San Francisco jug band, the kind that plays a washtub bass, drinks rye whiskey on the rocks and has a Facebook page.

And then, because one is never enough, here's the Bonus Band Name Of The Day:

Chocolate Orange, in honor of the confection powering the blog(ger) today. Chocolate Orange is probably a precise down-tempo electronica duo, sort of like Daft Punk on downers.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Move It On Back, Move It On Back

So, maybe you remember a couple of days ago when Brian gave us a couple of choice band names from his list? Well, ladies and gentlemen, he's gone and posted the whole list on his blog for your enjoyment! And let us be the first to say that there are some choice names there! Not all entirely work-safe, but screw it, life ain't work safe! It's not like he's going around with anything nearly as bad as these guys on his list. And they actually exist!

And on that note, a bit of philosophy...

Here at Band Name Of The Day, we do try very hard not to post any names that are or have been used by actual people in actual bands, or in any way publicized prior to this. In addition to being worth a chuckle or two (or significantly more, in the case of Brian's list!), we sincerely wish to create a database of sorts where newly forming bands can come to be inspired and perhaps find a band name. Maybe they're arguing about whether to go by The Marshmallow Burglars or The Sewing Machines (both are up for grabs, by the way), or perhaps they're particularly uninspired (although if you can't even think of a band name, you'd better be an all-instrumental group). Maybe they're just plain lazy, or they don't speak English. Whatever the reason, these are available free and clear. You don't even have to tell us if you use one, although we'd sure appreciate it.

Please note, however, that when we say things like "we try very hard not to post any names that are or have been used," what we mean is "we thought about it for thirty seconds and couldn't think of anyone who's used it before and declared it fair game." We strongly recommend googling the hell out of anything here to make sure it didn't show up in the footnotes of some sleazy sci-fi book that flopped back in the seventies. Can't have you guys getting sued.

Anyhow, the Band Names Of The Day (for there will be two, just in case we don't make it back to a computer in time for tomorrow) come to us out of the deepest pits of the Corporate World.

Literally. The person who came up with them works in a basement in San Francisco.

She says:

I’m not certain what was actually said but it had to do with too many files on a server – such as an embarrassment of riches (we are rich in files, although embarrassing we don’t know what they are all for!)

An Embarrassment Of Witches! Clearly, this will be an emo band. Who else would call themselves embarrassed? Yeah, OK, it could also be a neopagan choral group, but those are just a bit too weird even for San Francisco. Berkeley, maybe.

And hey, look at that, we even have a bonus for you! The same lovely source who gave us An Embarrassment Of Witches also turned us on to the concept that every corporate project will have a certain amount of unavoidable, essential mayhem. Bang:

Essential Mayhem, the latest heavy metal band from Chicago, headlining tonight with An Embarrassment Of Witches!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Ha!

Hey, folks, it's late, and things are busy and all that, so we're relying on you folks for Band Name(s) Of The Day(s).

Here's a great one from our friend who works in a nursery. I'll let her tell it in her own words...

Alright here's the backstory.  I'll leave it to you to make it sound better, if you like.

Near the end of a long day at work, the other two folks in my department and I were out planning the design of our outside display area.  We were talking about how to display our coco baskets (metal baskets lined with coconut fiber).  I threw out the idea of mounting them on the wall and using artificial plants to make them pretty, and Scott said something about getting defective/broken toys from his mom's store (she has a toy store), which I didn't really get at first, until he said monkey.

So we started talking about building a faux coconut palm tree with a few coconuts hanging from it, and maybe even a few monkeys.  Explaining this to the owner "I'm going to see if my mom might have some defective monkeys, or something."

I really wanted to say "Band name of the day!", but realized my co-workers wouldn't understand.

There you go.  The Defective Monkeys.

The Defective Monkeys, a pop-punk band, probably out of Orange County. Or they could be a swing band from New York, or the house band of an insane asylum. Anything, really, and therein lies the awesome.

And now, to bed.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Take It To The Limit

Ladies and Gents, today we busted 500 pageviews. Ah, feel the pride flowing like cheap whiskey at an Irish funeral!

Anyhow, enough boasting, let's have some band names! And today, we have a smorgasbord, courtesy of a dear friend who once rescued us after we got a 2x4 plank through the windshield, but that's a different story.

Anyhow, this fantastic gent also comes up with band names, and writes:

I have a list somewhere of funny band names I came up with awhile back. My favorites were

 Ass Full Of Planets... This is, of course, a punk band. It might be made up of one of those scientists who study planets. Planetologists or something, there's a word for it, but who can ever remember it? Anyhow, their biggest hit is probably covering TMBG's "The Sun (is A Mass of Incandescent Gas)."

Unaided Volcano Insertion... We really don't know what to make of this one. Sorry, pal, you're on your own here. Readers, any idea what sort of outfit would call themselves Unaided Volcano Insertion?

and 700 Pounds Of Uncooked Beef.  This would probably be a good old-fashioned hard rock outfit, three guitars, drums and a singer who really shouldn't be allowed in public without a shirt on.

Thanks for the great band names, amigo, and remember folks- keep 'em coming! In fact, if you include a link to a web page, blog, MyFace account or online porn library, we'll happily link back to you!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Good Day Sunshine

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Oakland, California. We lazed about, some of us road tripped out to Concord to pick up a book shelf (and subsequently spent several hours amending that damn shelf to where we could follow the included instructions), other stayed home and created posters for the EBBC. In the evening, we all went out for some awesome sushi and then the local dive bar (tag line: Good Spirits for Bad People. We'll happily whore ourselves out give props to any establishment with that sort of humor).

In addition to (or possibly because of) all the swearing and drinking, the day was rife with misunderstandings. Somebody said something. Somebody else said "what? Finger squirrels?" "No, no, finger soreness!"

And so on and so forth. Naturally, finger squirrels became a thing, and the misunderstandings compounded until we got the Band Name Of The Day, which was:

The Red Felt Finger Squirrels! They play skiffle and wear silly costumes. Also, look for red felt finger squirrels on Etsy in the near future. I'm certain they'll appear.

Which leaves us wanting a BNOTD today, but since it's early yet and the most exciting thing we've done is swear at a shelf, we'll have to look to our backlog.

Ah, here's one! Fittingly enough, it was also the product of a misunderstanding (and probably drinking- I don't remember much about how it came to be), but it's much better than The Damn Bookshelves. No, no, this is:

Embezzled By Nuns, a contemporary art-rock band the likes of which the world has never seen. They've got a rabid cult following of music theorists and pretentious youngsters, and are beloved by DJs and loathed by record company execs everywhere for their wicked way with words and general orneriness with mere mortals.

Friday, January 21, 2011

So Take A Letter, Maria

Good Evening, and Happy Friday!

Here at BNOTD we've recently passed two three important milestones , and are rapidly approaching a fourth.

The first one we noticed, was that we now have a follower. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mark Ungar is our first follower on Blogger! This is how that whole viral thing works, so it's up to you guys to follow us, pass us along to your friends, suggest band names, and generally make a ruckus in favor of your favor band of miscreants*.

The second milestone is that today is the first day we've gotten the "stats" section of BlogSpot to work. Booya!

The third is that a few days ago we passed 30 posts (this is #34), in about 43 days. So not quite a post a day, but I suspect a bit more than a Band Name per day, on average. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go back through all the posts, tally up the total number of band names, divide by days the blog was active (first post: December 6th), and post a comment with the total number of names, total days, and band names per day average.

And the fourth is that we're coming up hard on 500 hits (468 as of now). That's a bit over 10 hits a day, which isn't too shabby for something like this. So thanks!

Anyhow, we'd like to take the occasional bit of time to chat about what this blog's all about sometime in the relatively near future. That won't happen tonight, but look for it. We promise it'll be brief. We'll also incorporate some other stuff, like links to bands and musicians, important, amusing to strange music and band news, reader commentary, stuff like that.

So please, don't hesitate to contact us with, well, just about anything, really. We'll be polite, and we promise to answer. Well, we'll answer.

And so, without further ado, the Band Name Of The Day!

So no shit, there we were, two of us in the kitchen working on tiger prawn pasta thing that smells absolutely delicious and the third sitting on the settee and masturbating over thinking about blog statistics, when there was a scrabbling and the kitchen door started flapping back and forth. Perched on top of the door, was Willie the ninja cat. He has leaped a good five vertical feet from the window sill to the top of the door, and was now balanced on it.

From there, he made is way onto the top of the door frame, and then the windows frames, so so halfway around the room. At this point, his mother owner charged in with the cat wetterizer, which dear, sweet, innocent Willie the Ninja Cat instantly recognized, and he moonwalked his way backwards around all the window frames, and then swan-dove onto the couch.

The Moonwalkin' Kats, which is naturally one hell of a swing band.

And with that, we'd like to thank you all for reading, exhort you to pass on the URL to whoever you think would enjoy it, and ping us back whenever you want. After a month we're only enjoying this more and more, and very much plan to keep it up.


-The Band Name Of Day Blog Staff Writer Person Thing

*in the interest of full disclosure, it should probably be noted that your current narrator is technically the only person who's been actually writing these damn posts, so we might slip into the first person at some point. We apologize for this. However, first person or not, this the inception of this blog was very much a group effort, and that continues as we take Band Name Of The Day submissions from you and of course from the various cofounders. Including this one here.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

So Why Don't You Slide?

Ah, yes, it's starting to pick up speed! It's the course of any blog, band, fad, person, what have you- they start small, then other people start to contribute, and it gather speed. And speed! And SPEED!


Anyhow, we're stockpiling an increasing (slowly) list of band names of potential future band names, and it's thanks readers like you.

Lately, a lot of those readers have been musicians, which is awesome. Today, one of those musicians gave us:

The Snodules! This is a rare and fantastic BNOTD because it's so fantastically versatile. The Snodules could be a skiffle band, a jazz band, a punk band, a folk band, a nerdcore band (especially if they became S-Nodule), a... well, ok, it would be lousy for a hardcore rap outfit, but it'd be great for folk, swing, country, spoken word (in an ironic sense), a capella, even a broadway revue!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Sound Of The Men Workin' On The Chain Gang

So as you may have gathered from recent blog inactivity, a portion of this vile gang has left the nest and sold out to The Man.

Not that any of us ever really leave, but one of us is trying. We won't say too much about who it is, but let's just say that this is being typed after hours on an office computer.

Anyhow, there we were, separated by over ninety miles of open ocean freeway, when a text was sent. I'll include it, and the following, verbatim.

Show Off: Band Name: Strap On Kitty. Thrash metal.

Sellout: Backstory?

Show Off: Trying to decide what to wear to the club tonight. Decided result = angry pussy=bad.

Sellout: Wow. Yeah, OK. Will post before I leave work.

Show Off: From (Other Housemate): Lesbian House Tear Down. Discussing reality shows, this band should have only one song: "Ballroom Blitz."

Sellout: Hah. Cool. We have a bonus!

And there you have it: Strap On Kitty, a thrash metal band, for the BNOTD, and the utterly sexist one-hit-wonder Lesbian House Tear Down for the bonus! They probably play house music, and remixed that famous Sweet song to make it popular once again.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

Dear Readers,

We need to stop meeting like this. Overcaffeinated at the end of the work day, crazy old blues songs percolating through the brain like lukewarm water through stale grounds...

Wait, this doesn't describe you?

Oh. Oops.

Well, moving right along then!

Today's Band Name Of The Day Today (TBNOTDTD) is brought to you by a real, genuine, bona-fide musician! She plays guitar, bass and sings quite well, and has a wicked sense of humor. She's also part of a family of two that's rapidly becoming a family of three, and she gave* us a great Band Name!

Tiny Punk Jedi, which would obviously work well for a punk band of midget jedi impersonators, but would function equally brilliantly for any quality indie band.

You guys have fun with that one, and keep slinging the Band Names our way! Or else we'll have to steal them, the way we stole* Tiny Punk Jedi.

*And by this we mean "she came up with it and we grabbed it," but that's neither here nor there...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Clowns To The Left Of Me, Jokers To The Right

Well, dear readers, it appears we have failed you once again in not bringing you a BNOTD for yesterday, and that after all the hoopla on Saturday about coming up with band names!

See, the really sad part is that we came up with not just one, but two really, really good band names on Saturday night. No shit, there we were, solidly on the drunk side of the tipsy line, when someone said something and it was like a God said let there be rock, and there was rock. We looked at each other and like out of one mouth, said "Band Name!"

The night rolled on, the jokes flew thick and fast, and then it happened again!

The next morning we turned to each other and remembered what fantastic band names we'd come up with last night, but we couldn't have remembered what it was if our lives had depended on it. No matter, we just came up with Sunday's BNOTD on Sunday. And we did. And we forgot.

Humiliation galore. We never posted.

But today, there was music. By a real, honest-to-God band. Among this band was a certain fiddler, and he gave us the BNOTD. In true musician fashion, he came up with it by walking over a chair, and saying "call me a klutz."

Klutz. A good name for prog-rock or alternative bands, or if we modify it to The Klutzes, good for just about anything else. Except for electronica, that requires a somewhat more abstract name, like Daft Punk.

Anyhow, not content with being awesome once, Mr. Fiddler had anticipated this moment, and come up with another band name a few weeks ago we never got around to posting. Being and Irish band, this particular group is composed of mostly of burly gentlemen, with the occasional addition of one of several really hot lady fiddlers. Not sure why, but we've got about a dozen buzzing around the larger Bay Area Celtic scene, and they're always welcome. The Fiddler, of course suggested a band name:

Three Buddhas And A Goddess. It's not a bad name, but will probably be wasted on some sort of trashy new-age quasi-religious band that thinks it's deep because it discovered synthesizers.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Riding the Crazy Train

For the first time in almost two weeks, the whole house is under the same roof again. Some of us have been dealing with the start of the quarter, some have been making plans for future traveling, and some have been off galavanting about Seattle. Today has been a day of catching up on errands, catching up on friends, and generally running around being busy.

One of those catching up things happens to be finding the blog of a musician friend of ours, Hans York, who travels the country playing music. Last year he hit 49 states! We suggest you check out his blog (he has a real knack for words), and go listen to his music.

Unfortunately, all that has lead to not much time to chatter, drink, and come up with horrible band names. That'll happen tonight, but at that point we really shouldn't be posting on the internet. So, readers to the rescue! If you have a great BNOTD, go ahead and leave it in the comments!

In fact, that's just what a certain friend of ours did. Steve teaches university English, and had great taste in music. He's no slouch, and gave us a whole list of band names:

Meat Hammer, which would be fantastic for a hard rock or metal band. Probably something profane.

Cartoon Jesus, on the other hand, would be great for a soft-core Christian rock band, or an indie group with an Andy Warhol bend to them.

Mucus Plug is pure punk rock.

Basal Ganglia, of all the ones listed, is probably the most versatile. This could be a New Wave band, a post-punk group, academic hip-hop (although they'd spell it Bass-L Ganglia), even the name of a faux-Flamenco singer, if you pronounce it Bah-Sahl Gang-LEE-ah.

Thanks, Steve! Everyone else- we will happily accept your contributions below.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Zuch Zuch Riot?

Wrapping (har har) up the work week, we had a fantastic dinner of veggie burritos. Who knew, rice, beans, veggies, a fistful of cumin, pepper, salt, Mexican chili powder and ortega chilies make some awesome food...

Anyhow, back topic!

After throwing around names like Chuck Berry's Burrito, The Spice Rack Girls and a few other ones we can't legally publish on the internet, we settled on:

The Veggie D-Lites! Naturally, this would be a fantastic band for a vegetarian revue band. Why would anyone want a vegetarian revue band? Who the hell knows, but you know they're out there!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

We Gotta Move These Refridgerators!

Oh man, life is busy, but we soldier on and bring you your daily dose of hilarity and stupid.

Here's a great Band Name inspired by a business meeting in which the word "leverage" came up. And hey, that would be a great BNOTD!

Leverage. A rock-solid name for any sort of band, really, but especially great for heavy metal and industrial bands. Usable, but not really advisable, for teenybopper acts.

And now, because we lack the Funny Quotient of the day (and because we're generous), have a Bonus BNOTD:

The Plastic Ears, which is almost certainly a late-sixties art-rock band featuring people in turtlenecks and berets who have eaten way more acid than is good for them.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jimi Hendrix has left the building? Well, so have the Monkees...

Super-quick end-of-the-workday BNOTD, inspired by, well, you don't really want to know what it's been inspired by.

In any case, the topic of old bands came up, and so clearly we've gotta have a bit of retrocommentary here (sort of like retrorockets, but not as cool)(although that would be a cool band name too...)

And so, without further ado, The Band Name Of The Day Is:

Monkey and the Stepping Stones. They are, of course, a Monkees cover band. Why would anyone want to cover the Monkees? Hell, we don't know!

And the Bonus BNOTD, in a similar vein, is...

The RetroRockets! They play bad 1970's style 1950's music. You'd probably find them playing at a "retro" diner from the 80's, done up like a drive-in from the 60's or something equally horrific.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Money (Not) For Nothin'

Well, folks, money ain't free and time is money, so we've all got to trade in our hours for a handful of dimes as the Lizardking once said. Your faithful balladeer is working away at a new job, making music and all that happen, so updates have been sporadic and may remain so.

We do, however, hope to remedy that, so stay tuned.

Anyhow, we have not forgotten you, and here is a belated Band Name Of The Day for yesterday, Monday January 10th:

The Prosthetic Chins. It is oft said that punk is dead, but with band names like The Prosthetic Chins still around, you know that ain't true. Punk is here to stay, and this would be a great name for it.

Today, then, we take it into a more contemporary direction, with a very modern name:

The iToys. Not quite a what we need for reggae bands, but great for an electronica or techno band (like Daft Punk). We like Daft Punk electronica here on BNOTD, so we're all in favor of The iToys.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lord, I was born to be a ramblin' man...

Whoooo, we're back in California! Seattle, that wonderful city of coffee and music, is a great place to visit but as exhausting as any major town. Especially if you decide to walk and take public transit, like we did, rather than rent a car, like normal people do.

In any case, we're back and tired, and that's a great excuse to bring up a Band Name suggested by a friend of ours from Washington (although not from Seattle) and even from Seattle. She suggested:

The Chronic Fatigues, but didn't say whether this was for a geriatric folk band or a classic rock outfit made up of stoned Viet Nam veterans (they might call themselves Chronic and the Fatigues, we don't know). This name could also work for any sort of mellow ambient music, especially if you chop off the "the" and make it a proper noun. In any case, it's all good man.

But this is her band name, so we can't actually use it. We'll just tell you about it.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Route 66? Screw that, we're takin' the plane!

Well, dear readers, it's been a busy few days. Most of the house is down in Davis, dealing with January and the new quarter, while 1/4 of the gang is up in Seattle, drinking way too much coffee, just the right amount of beer, wearing down the boots and having a grand ol' time.

We also checked out the most amazing sushi restaurant in Seattle, where we came up with a belated bandname for Thursday, as well as Friday's.

Since it came up first, Thursday's BNOTD is:

The Noncommittal Fishies. Sushi can't really be described as happy fishies (let's face it, they don't really have much feelings in any direction at that point), so they're noncommittal. Or this could describe a disaffected hipster band.

The second one, brought to you by a conversation that went downhill from TNF, is:

Alien Sushi. 'Cause just as we eat fish, there's no reason we couldn't be sushi for something else, something larger and even more bizarre than humans. Something like aliens. This would be a perfect name for a groove-funk band, or a Japanese electronica band. Like Daft Punk, but with Asian overtones.

Which leaves us with today. Since we're up in Seattle, and really ought to do something to commemorate this wonderful city, the Band Name Of The Day for Saturday, 1/8/2011, is:

Spacey and the Needles! Which would be a great name for a hipster band OR an electronica band! Like Daft Punk.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

'Scuse Me, Captain, Do You Carry Beefhearts?

No shit, there we were, screaming full-bore down Highway 80 about halfway between Sacramento and San Francisco, when we passed a billboard for a beef company. It was designed to look like some sort of family business, but let's face it, no family would have a billboard exhorting us to go to

I mean, everyone has SOME pride, right?



Naturally, this had to be a band name!

The Beef Explorers! Envision this as a band with more style than musical talent, probably made up of hunky beefy model type dudes dressed as explorers, complete with khaki shorts and pith helmets.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hooker? I Don't Even Know Her!

Oh, do we have bad news for you today! The entire house is back in town, for the first time since the holidays began. And then we went to a bar. Scared yet? You should be. We came up with band names.

In the bar.

With the bartender.

Jim, besides being a great bartender, has a wicked sense of humor, and he gave us the first Band Name Of The Day, which is:

Tigerbalm Handjob. We feel this sounds a lot like a strange collision between Tiger Army and Haujob, but, just... no. Just no. We're thinking this would be good for a crotchpunk band. We'll let you imagine what they sound like.

Anyhow, not satisfied with having twisted our minds, dear, sweet, innocent Jim took it a step further with:

Alligator Snapping Turtle Blowjob. I think he was talking about some horrible blog, or maybe he just enjoyed the sight of four hardened veterans of the bar scene cringing and crossing their legs, but we didn't care to ask. We have no idea what sort of demented band would use this as their band name, but we're masochistic enough to want to know, so if you come up with something, leave us a comment.

And finally, because the conversation had nowhere to go but up, the last Band Name Of The Bar we came up with is:

Powermetal Breasts. Obviously, this would be a powermetal band, but the gang's divided over whether this would be a band composed entirely of attractive women or slavering teenage boys.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Son, you're gonna drive me to drinkin'...

Good evening, one and all!

We have a really tricky quicky BNOTD for you, on this, the first work day of the Year of Our Lord, Twenty-Eleven, and it is...

Righteous Ravioli, courtesy of the lovely Oakland House hosts! This band name, as it stands, is fantastic for any sort of hippie groove-funk band, but is endlessly variable! For instance, Righteous Shrimps for an elementary school soul band, or Righteous Indignation for a singer-songwriter of the hipster stripe.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

In The Year 2525

Happy New Year, folks!

It's been a few days again, mostly because we were all off partying way too much. In LA, in Oakland, in San Francisco, even back home in Davis, the whole house has been livin' it up like, well, it's a dozen years after 1999.


We have, however, been lax about posting new Band Names of the Day, so here's a backlog, mostly submitted by readers!

First off, hearkening back to Thursday, December 30th, we have one courtesy of the hosts here in Oakland, which is:

Amy's Home for Wayward Potatoes. In the vein of Bay Area and hippies everywhere, this would be great for a contemporary bluegrass band of California college students. They probably play socially-conscious bluegrass covers of Nirvana tunes or something.

And then, on the 31st, the partying began! And that called for something bit further afield, this time from a party guest a few weeks ago, who suggested:

Luscious Gums, a good name for a geriatric lounge singer, although I suspect the inventor of this particular name was thinking about a hick band.

January 1st dawned gray, drizzly, and somewhat hungover. And thus the Band Name Of The Day for 1/1/'11 was:

The Gluegun Assassins! This name was suggested by a friend of the house, and would be useful for an indie band, or a punk band that has knit amplifier cozies. Said friend's significant other suggested another great name, which is today's Band Name Of The Day, and is very appropriate for the theme of the past few days:

Half Pint and the Six Packs. We've been drinking a lot, why do you ask? Half Pint and the Six Packs would a fantastic name for a bar house band of just about any stripe.

Of course, we really couldn't start 2011 off without a Bonus BNOTD, so it fits that this quality individual has given us a second band name, this one slightly more obscure:

Judge Reinhold and the 12 Angry Jurors, a solid name for any band composed of law students.

Here at BNOTD we hope you have a fantastic 2011, filled with music and good cheer. Feel free to suggest band names, and we'll post 'em as we have the time!

Thanks from all of us here at Band Name Of The Day.