Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Money (Not) For Nothin'

Well, folks, money ain't free and time is money, so we've all got to trade in our hours for a handful of dimes as the Lizardking once said. Your faithful balladeer is working away at a new job, making music and all that happen, so updates have been sporadic and may remain so.

We do, however, hope to remedy that, so stay tuned.

Anyhow, we have not forgotten you, and here is a belated Band Name Of The Day for yesterday, Monday January 10th:

The Prosthetic Chins. It is oft said that punk is dead, but with band names like The Prosthetic Chins still around, you know that ain't true. Punk is here to stay, and this would be a great name for it.

Today, then, we take it into a more contemporary direction, with a very modern name:

The iToys. Not quite a what we need for reggae bands, but great for an electronica or techno band (like Daft Punk). We like Daft Punk electronica here on BNOTD, so we're all in favor of The iToys.

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