Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Move It On Back, Move It On Back

So, maybe you remember a couple of days ago when Brian gave us a couple of choice band names from his list? Well, ladies and gentlemen, he's gone and posted the whole list on his blog for your enjoyment! And let us be the first to say that there are some choice names there! Not all entirely work-safe, but screw it, life ain't work safe! It's not like he's going around with anything nearly as bad as these guys on his list. And they actually exist!

And on that note, a bit of philosophy...

Here at Band Name Of The Day, we do try very hard not to post any names that are or have been used by actual people in actual bands, or in any way publicized prior to this. In addition to being worth a chuckle or two (or significantly more, in the case of Brian's list!), we sincerely wish to create a database of sorts where newly forming bands can come to be inspired and perhaps find a band name. Maybe they're arguing about whether to go by The Marshmallow Burglars or The Sewing Machines (both are up for grabs, by the way), or perhaps they're particularly uninspired (although if you can't even think of a band name, you'd better be an all-instrumental group). Maybe they're just plain lazy, or they don't speak English. Whatever the reason, these are available free and clear. You don't even have to tell us if you use one, although we'd sure appreciate it.

Please note, however, that when we say things like "we try very hard not to post any names that are or have been used," what we mean is "we thought about it for thirty seconds and couldn't think of anyone who's used it before and declared it fair game." We strongly recommend googling the hell out of anything here to make sure it didn't show up in the footnotes of some sleazy sci-fi book that flopped back in the seventies. Can't have you guys getting sued.

Anyhow, the Band Names Of The Day (for there will be two, just in case we don't make it back to a computer in time for tomorrow) come to us out of the deepest pits of the Corporate World.

Literally. The person who came up with them works in a basement in San Francisco.

She says:

I’m not certain what was actually said but it had to do with too many files on a server – such as an embarrassment of riches (we are rich in files, although embarrassing we don’t know what they are all for!)

An Embarrassment Of Witches! Clearly, this will be an emo band. Who else would call themselves embarrassed? Yeah, OK, it could also be a neopagan choral group, but those are just a bit too weird even for San Francisco. Berkeley, maybe.

And hey, look at that, we even have a bonus for you! The same lovely source who gave us An Embarrassment Of Witches also turned us on to the concept that every corporate project will have a certain amount of unavoidable, essential mayhem. Bang:

Essential Mayhem, the latest heavy metal band from Chicago, headlining tonight with An Embarrassment Of Witches!

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  1. Ok, here's another of my saved Spam-Based Band Names from several years ago:

    Retrograde Castle

    This obviously is a Germanic steampunk Medieval Goth-metal band...or so.