Friday, January 21, 2011

So Take A Letter, Maria

Good Evening, and Happy Friday!

Here at BNOTD we've recently passed two three important milestones , and are rapidly approaching a fourth.

The first one we noticed, was that we now have a follower. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mark Ungar is our first follower on Blogger! This is how that whole viral thing works, so it's up to you guys to follow us, pass us along to your friends, suggest band names, and generally make a ruckus in favor of your favor band of miscreants*.

The second milestone is that today is the first day we've gotten the "stats" section of BlogSpot to work. Booya!

The third is that a few days ago we passed 30 posts (this is #34), in about 43 days. So not quite a post a day, but I suspect a bit more than a Band Name per day, on average. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go back through all the posts, tally up the total number of band names, divide by days the blog was active (first post: December 6th), and post a comment with the total number of names, total days, and band names per day average.

And the fourth is that we're coming up hard on 500 hits (468 as of now). That's a bit over 10 hits a day, which isn't too shabby for something like this. So thanks!

Anyhow, we'd like to take the occasional bit of time to chat about what this blog's all about sometime in the relatively near future. That won't happen tonight, but look for it. We promise it'll be brief. We'll also incorporate some other stuff, like links to bands and musicians, important, amusing to strange music and band news, reader commentary, stuff like that.

So please, don't hesitate to contact us with, well, just about anything, really. We'll be polite, and we promise to answer. Well, we'll answer.

And so, without further ado, the Band Name Of The Day!

So no shit, there we were, two of us in the kitchen working on tiger prawn pasta thing that smells absolutely delicious and the third sitting on the settee and masturbating over thinking about blog statistics, when there was a scrabbling and the kitchen door started flapping back and forth. Perched on top of the door, was Willie the ninja cat. He has leaped a good five vertical feet from the window sill to the top of the door, and was now balanced on it.

From there, he made is way onto the top of the door frame, and then the windows frames, so so halfway around the room. At this point, his mother owner charged in with the cat wetterizer, which dear, sweet, innocent Willie the Ninja Cat instantly recognized, and he moonwalked his way backwards around all the window frames, and then swan-dove onto the couch.

The Moonwalkin' Kats, which is naturally one hell of a swing band.

And with that, we'd like to thank you all for reading, exhort you to pass on the URL to whoever you think would enjoy it, and ping us back whenever you want. After a month we're only enjoying this more and more, and very much plan to keep it up.


-The Band Name Of Day Blog Staff Writer Person Thing

*in the interest of full disclosure, it should probably be noted that your current narrator is technically the only person who's been actually writing these damn posts, so we might slip into the first person at some point. We apologize for this. However, first person or not, this the inception of this blog was very much a group effort, and that continues as we take Band Name Of The Day submissions from you and of course from the various cofounders. Including this one here.

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  1. RE: Grammar tense/authors voice

    Dear Sir and Madam at the same time:

    For goddess sake, just put a fucking cake doily on your head and top it with a little Disney Princess crown, and pretend you're Queen Victoria. Then you can first person plural until you go blind. (And flutter the hearts of all your steam punkie acquaintances.)

    intemperantely yrs,