Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Sound Of The Men Workin' On The Chain Gang

So as you may have gathered from recent blog inactivity, a portion of this vile gang has left the nest and sold out to The Man.

Not that any of us ever really leave, but one of us is trying. We won't say too much about who it is, but let's just say that this is being typed after hours on an office computer.

Anyhow, there we were, separated by over ninety miles of open ocean freeway, when a text was sent. I'll include it, and the following, verbatim.

Show Off: Band Name: Strap On Kitty. Thrash metal.

Sellout: Backstory?

Show Off: Trying to decide what to wear to the club tonight. Decided result = angry pussy=bad.

Sellout: Wow. Yeah, OK. Will post before I leave work.

Show Off: From (Other Housemate): Lesbian House Tear Down. Discussing reality shows, this band should have only one song: "Ballroom Blitz."

Sellout: Hah. Cool. We have a bonus!

And there you have it: Strap On Kitty, a thrash metal band, for the BNOTD, and the utterly sexist one-hit-wonder Lesbian House Tear Down for the bonus! They probably play house music, and remixed that famous Sweet song to make it popular once again.

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