Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jimi Hendrix has left the building? Well, so have the Monkees...

Super-quick end-of-the-workday BNOTD, inspired by, well, you don't really want to know what it's been inspired by.

In any case, the topic of old bands came up, and so clearly we've gotta have a bit of retrocommentary here (sort of like retrorockets, but not as cool)(although that would be a cool band name too...)

And so, without further ado, The Band Name Of The Day Is:

Monkey and the Stepping Stones. They are, of course, a Monkees cover band. Why would anyone want to cover the Monkees? Hell, we don't know!

And the Bonus BNOTD, in a similar vein, is...

The RetroRockets! They play bad 1970's style 1950's music. You'd probably find them playing at a "retro" diner from the 80's, done up like a drive-in from the 60's or something equally horrific.


  1. Why can't the retrorockets just be a very energetic surf and spy band?

  2. Ooh, I like it!

    They could also be the Retro Rock-Its, and contemporary old-school hip-pop group. Or the Retro Rockettes, a modern take on a classic Las Vegas act.