Thursday, January 13, 2011

We Gotta Move These Refridgerators!

Oh man, life is busy, but we soldier on and bring you your daily dose of hilarity and stupid.

Here's a great Band Name inspired by a business meeting in which the word "leverage" came up. And hey, that would be a great BNOTD!

Leverage. A rock-solid name for any sort of band, really, but especially great for heavy metal and industrial bands. Usable, but not really advisable, for teenybopper acts.

And now, because we lack the Funny Quotient of the day (and because we're generous), have a Bonus BNOTD:

The Plastic Ears, which is almost certainly a late-sixties art-rock band featuring people in turtlenecks and berets who have eaten way more acid than is good for them.

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