Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lord, I was born to be a ramblin' man...

Whoooo, we're back in California! Seattle, that wonderful city of coffee and music, is a great place to visit but as exhausting as any major town. Especially if you decide to walk and take public transit, like we did, rather than rent a car, like normal people do.

In any case, we're back and tired, and that's a great excuse to bring up a Band Name suggested by a friend of ours from Washington (although not from Seattle) and even from Seattle. She suggested:

The Chronic Fatigues, but didn't say whether this was for a geriatric folk band or a classic rock outfit made up of stoned Viet Nam veterans (they might call themselves Chronic and the Fatigues, we don't know). This name could also work for any sort of mellow ambient music, especially if you chop off the "the" and make it a proper noun. In any case, it's all good man.

But this is her band name, so we can't actually use it. We'll just tell you about it.


  1. To me it's obvious it has to be a punk band, but there's a definite chance it would work for an old time band. Those crazy fools stay up till 3 a.m on a regular basis! If that don't make you "Chronically Fatigued" then I don't know what would!!

  2. p.s I do live in Seattle, you know.

  3. p.s don't use my band name or I'll kick your butt.