Sunday, January 30, 2011

He Taught Her How To Kick The Gong Aroun'

It's been a long weekend here at BNOTD. First Friday with its horrible movie and even worse Band Name, and then yesterday with another horribly inappropriate band name, and then the work started.

First we had to take a couple of friends out to Ethiopian food for their birthdays, and then on to a tiki lounge for drinks, which rounded of Saturday rather nicely but put us in bad shape for this morning. First the MOMA for decadent culturalizationalizing, then to China Town for dimsum and then...

Well, then we were home and too beat to come up with a hilarious band name for you insatiable masses, so we reached back to Mark Ungar for inspiration. Verily, that man is a font of band names! And the BNOTD is:

The Toothpick Necromancers. Apparently this was the subject title of a randomly generated spam email Mark got. Being a man of quick reflexes, he instantly thought "Band Name Of The Day!" and zapped it off to us. These guys would probably play some sort of musically awesome, lyrically odd soft rock, sort like the Halo Benders*.

But Mark's not a lazy chap, and provided us with a second BNOTD:

Giant Rotating Furnace! Clearly this is a gawth rawk industrial and club band, strong on the bass and heavy guitars, with guttural lyrics and unbelievably sculpted and spiked hair.

*The Halo Benders are a real band, which means we can't use their name here, more's the pity.

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