Monday, June 27, 2011

Sleeping With The Dog

The Band Names (because there are two) Of The Day today are, in a word, strange. Both of them come from friends of our who work the renaissance fair circuit, and are otherwise as different as different can be. One's an attractive and deceptively demure young lady from the bohemian quarter of Fresno (it's small, but dedicated), and one's an enormous viking who teaches mathematics for a living.

The first writes in to suggest:

Goth Cookies! How she got here we don't know, but it would certainly make a good band name for a "bubblegum goth" band, as she suggests. Their first album should obviously be titled "Tossing Your," with the follow up of "...With Icing." Amusing in any case, and the variations are truly endless.

Then we have one from slightly further north and from slightly further afield, with a bonus internet connection:

The Ragged Crows. We're told they're "morris/hobocore" and that "the dancers dance in rags and bells and carry rusty pipes." The Ragged Crow, of course, being a morris dance, and hobocore being a reference to Questionable Content, one of the best webcomics out there.

Great band names all around! Thanks, guys!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Band Played Waltzing Mathilda

Here at BNOTD we don't particularly enjoy spending time indoors when it's sunny out, which is one of the reasons we haven't been posting so much- definitely more a couple of times per week than daily. We're mostly OK with that- we'd obviously love to get more great band names out there, but fresh air and sunshine definitely come first. So we squeeze them in when we can at work and after dark (or on the occasional Saturday evening when we had plenty of fresh air and sunshine earlier), and otherwise let it slide.

But here's a good one that we got from a friend of ours who tweeted this one a few days ago:

Crippling Nostalgia, which she describes as being "the name of... every cover band ever." She's probably right, it really is a very versatile one. Not sure we'd use it for a military band, though...

One the other hand, we have a Band Name Of The Day that sort of manifested itself out of nowhere, and really would only make a good punk rock name:

The Smoking Turds! We've all heard the phrase "a steaming turd," or a "steaming pile of..." Well, the Smoking Turds take that a (few) step(s) further, from steaming straight through to smoking! Yeah, they're weird...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bark At The Moon

So we had a party over the weekend, and for a brief moment in time 60% of the Warped House was reunited under one roof (albeit not the one we're used to being united under).

Alcohol flowed, food was devoured, and the Vallejo Pirate Festival was discussed at length because a number of the guests had come from there straight to the party. Being who they were, they were sunburned, starved, dehydrated, half-drunk and naturally dressed like pirates in their fanciest (and fancifullest) rags. One of them had a particularly splashy rag, which led to the first Band Name Of The Day:

Swanky Jerkin, a folk-rock-quasi-historical band with a pirate/renfaire twist. They don't really know which it is, they just love going out to random historically-themed party events, drinking themselves silly and making a ruckus.

Then the evening wore on, more alcohol was consumed, food was eaten, and then, the Juggler came up with the second BNOTD:

Tomato Cthulhu Kiss. Where that came, from nobody knows. What it means, nobody knows. What sort of music they play, nobody knows. But Tomato Kiss would be a good hippie band name, Cthulhu Kiss would be a good goth band name, and Tomato Cthulhu would be... well, something.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha!

We haven't posted in a while, and this time we have an excuse! We've been preparing for a hell of a party, and we're just about ready, so some folks came over to hang out, chat, help with last-minute helpouts and all that good stuff, and no shit, there we were, talking about how to get from Sacramento to the Bay Area, and someone referred to Highway 80 as being a retard zone and... Bang! Band Name!

The Retard Zone! This could be a hell of a punk or rock band, sort of classic, 90's style rock and roll, big guitars, bowling shirts, the whole nine yards.

And then, the bonus imported directly from Sacramento:

Holy Names, featuring John The Baptist on keyboard, St. Peter on drums, Adam and Even on lead and rhythm guitars, Jesus Christ on vocals, and Mather, Mark, Luke and John singing backup.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Your Own Personal Jesus

Sometimes, you've just got to be your own personal Jesus and save yourself. So it seems to be going with this blog- if we don't post, it doesn't magically get filled with brilliant posts by other people on the internet, so we'll just have to make due ourselves.

See, the windows were down, the hot air roaring through the cabin of the truck, bouncing off the speakers as Depeche Mode sang about reaching out and touching faith and bang! Band Name Of The Day:

Touch Faith, which is of course a Christian band. But the real beauty of this name isn't apparent at first- as it stands, it can really only be one type of music, until we start making minor alterations. Riffs, if you will:

Touch/Faith, for instance, quickly becomes a goth band. Maybe a Depeche Mode cover band, maybe just something dark and grinding that's consistently rumored to be satanic. Or we could have...

Faith Touch, who could a lead singer for a rock band, a perverted female singer/songwriter, hell, even a drag queen doing Broadway revue!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

They'll Put You In The ASPCA!

It has been a week since we've updated. A full seven days. There hasn't been a lull of that size on this blog yet. It's oddly freeing, like a band that's taking a break from touring, and like most bands taking a break, we're looking forward to coming back and doing more of what we love!

In this case, that's posting ridiculous Band Names Of The Day, and this time we've got a whole slew for you!

In from Oakland, we have a strange conversation about weird TV shows pushing buttons on viewers like they're crack addicts, and bang! Band name!

The Crack Buttons! We imagine this sort of like a 1980's chick-rock band, all big hair and lightning bolts and spiked guitars!

*ahem* Moving along, we have one from Southern California:

The Perverted Mice, which sprang out of a Facebook (ah, Facebook!) discussion about mice nesting in someone's unmentionables and destroying large portions of her dresser drawer. This could be a great name for a punk band, or (if it's changed to Perverted Mouse), an adult alternative, soft-rock sort of sound.

Sliding back North, here's another one that oozed out of a certain Silicone Valley start-up company, courtesy of JF and C-Nap:

The Geodesic Turds. How the hell they came up with this we have no idea, but we're told The Turds play trip-hop-punk.

And finally, we have another submission from our Northern Allies in Seattle, who write:

The Napkin Zealots, An indie group who no one has ever heard of who sing about trying to save the world by encouraging people to use cloth napkins and recycle ziplock bags by washing and letting air-dry. Along the lines of Phish. And other over-the-top eco-friendly green-ness.

The Napkins Zealots sound like a strange group, but that's Seattle for you! Anyhow, we're back, having had a busy week and a mellow weekend in Lake Tahoe (well, not in Lake Tahoe, but near Lake Tahoe), complete with camping, booze, weird campfire songs ("Leaving On A Jet Plane" in a Scottish brogue, anyone?), funny costumes and lots of bufoonery.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fifteen Men On The Dead Man's Chest

Ladies and Gents, we've gotta real treat for you today! Three band names, all with a certain je ne sais quoi, that little something extra that makes it special, like the bounce soles in Doc Martens, or the mold in blue cheese.

The first one we have is from the Northern Guard, from K (With The Hair And The Laptop), who sends it down from Seattle:

The Trustfund Pirates, a grand name inspired by Ms K and her favorite undertaker taking a walk and discussing the possibility of stealing an unmanned paddleboad and descending upon rich crew rowers and yuppie joggers for their ipods and fancy Patagonia jackets. As a band name, it'd be great for a political folk band or (better yet) a political punk band.

Next we have one from the bowels of Silicon Valley, where dwells a folk singer and dancer of fine fettle, who suggests:

The Neo Sporrans, named after the famous Scottish nut-pouch. This is obviously some sort of modern Celtic band, but probably more dance and house leanings than the traditional rock and punk. Imagine the halfway point between Flogging Molly and Daft Punk, and you've got it.

Finally, from the flood planes near Sacramento where stands the Warped House, there comes a missive from one of the denizens of that infamous abode. The Juggler suggest:

Pizza Sadface, and says that they "play whiny emo music about being anorexic." Pizza Sadface, indeed.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The theme of the day is cyberpunk! Cyberpunk has been getting short shrift (ha!) in current science fiction as everyone seems to be falling all over themselves to write "steampunk novels." So we say forget the gear, go digital!

So without further ado, have some cyberpunk band names!

The Skinjobs! If you've ever seen Blade Runner, you'll get the idea. Dark, fuzzy, dirty club rock, like Rammstein with a (slightly) lighter touch and English lyrics.

Captain Electric, who play darkwave and heavy electronica.

The Fiberoptic Club- pure techno.

Replicant Replicant- driving, bassy house rhythms, heavily sampled and overlaid with 80's drum machine loops and surprisingly insightful lyrics, frequently with a political bent to them.

Cilicon Chips, who made her name as a singer-songwriter of the post-industrial era, mixing theramin and warm electric guitar sounds into soulful social commentary and ballads of lost love in the urban jungle of Silicon Valley.

And finally:

The Glass Electric Transistor Band, who push an an analog take on contemporary, overproduced club music.