Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fifteen Men On The Dead Man's Chest

Ladies and Gents, we've gotta real treat for you today! Three band names, all with a certain je ne sais quoi, that little something extra that makes it special, like the bounce soles in Doc Martens, or the mold in blue cheese.

The first one we have is from the Northern Guard, from K (With The Hair And The Laptop), who sends it down from Seattle:

The Trustfund Pirates, a grand name inspired by Ms K and her favorite undertaker taking a walk and discussing the possibility of stealing an unmanned paddleboad and descending upon rich crew rowers and yuppie joggers for their ipods and fancy Patagonia jackets. As a band name, it'd be great for a political folk band or (better yet) a political punk band.

Next we have one from the bowels of Silicon Valley, where dwells a folk singer and dancer of fine fettle, who suggests:

The Neo Sporrans, named after the famous Scottish nut-pouch. This is obviously some sort of modern Celtic band, but probably more dance and house leanings than the traditional rock and punk. Imagine the halfway point between Flogging Molly and Daft Punk, and you've got it.

Finally, from the flood planes near Sacramento where stands the Warped House, there comes a missive from one of the denizens of that infamous abode. The Juggler suggest:

Pizza Sadface, and says that they "play whiny emo music about being anorexic." Pizza Sadface, indeed.

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