Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bark At The Moon

So we had a party over the weekend, and for a brief moment in time 60% of the Warped House was reunited under one roof (albeit not the one we're used to being united under).

Alcohol flowed, food was devoured, and the Vallejo Pirate Festival was discussed at length because a number of the guests had come from there straight to the party. Being who they were, they were sunburned, starved, dehydrated, half-drunk and naturally dressed like pirates in their fanciest (and fancifullest) rags. One of them had a particularly splashy rag, which led to the first Band Name Of The Day:

Swanky Jerkin, a folk-rock-quasi-historical band with a pirate/renfaire twist. They don't really know which it is, they just love going out to random historically-themed party events, drinking themselves silly and making a ruckus.

Then the evening wore on, more alcohol was consumed, food was eaten, and then, the Juggler came up with the second BNOTD:

Tomato Cthulhu Kiss. Where that came, from nobody knows. What it means, nobody knows. What sort of music they play, nobody knows. But Tomato Kiss would be a good hippie band name, Cthulhu Kiss would be a good goth band name, and Tomato Cthulhu would be... well, something.

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