Tuesday, June 14, 2011

They'll Put You In The ASPCA!

It has been a week since we've updated. A full seven days. There hasn't been a lull of that size on this blog yet. It's oddly freeing, like a band that's taking a break from touring, and like most bands taking a break, we're looking forward to coming back and doing more of what we love!

In this case, that's posting ridiculous Band Names Of The Day, and this time we've got a whole slew for you!

In from Oakland, we have a strange conversation about weird TV shows pushing buttons on viewers like they're crack addicts, and bang! Band name!

The Crack Buttons! We imagine this sort of like a 1980's chick-rock band, all big hair and lightning bolts and spiked guitars!

*ahem* Moving along, we have one from Southern California:

The Perverted Mice, which sprang out of a Facebook (ah, Facebook!) discussion about mice nesting in someone's unmentionables and destroying large portions of her dresser drawer. This could be a great name for a punk band, or (if it's changed to Perverted Mouse), an adult alternative, soft-rock sort of sound.

Sliding back North, here's another one that oozed out of a certain Silicone Valley start-up company, courtesy of JF and C-Nap:

The Geodesic Turds. How the hell they came up with this we have no idea, but we're told The Turds play trip-hop-punk.

And finally, we have another submission from our Northern Allies in Seattle, who write:

The Napkin Zealots, An indie group who no one has ever heard of who sing about trying to save the world by encouraging people to use cloth napkins and recycle ziplock bags by washing and letting air-dry. Along the lines of Phish. And other over-the-top eco-friendly green-ness.

The Napkins Zealots sound like a strange group, but that's Seattle for you! Anyhow, we're back, having had a busy week and a mellow weekend in Lake Tahoe (well, not in Lake Tahoe, but near Lake Tahoe), complete with camping, booze, weird campfire songs ("Leaving On A Jet Plane" in a Scottish brogue, anyone?), funny costumes and lots of bufoonery.

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