Monday, June 27, 2011

Sleeping With The Dog

The Band Names (because there are two) Of The Day today are, in a word, strange. Both of them come from friends of our who work the renaissance fair circuit, and are otherwise as different as different can be. One's an attractive and deceptively demure young lady from the bohemian quarter of Fresno (it's small, but dedicated), and one's an enormous viking who teaches mathematics for a living.

The first writes in to suggest:

Goth Cookies! How she got here we don't know, but it would certainly make a good band name for a "bubblegum goth" band, as she suggests. Their first album should obviously be titled "Tossing Your," with the follow up of "...With Icing." Amusing in any case, and the variations are truly endless.

Then we have one from slightly further north and from slightly further afield, with a bonus internet connection:

The Ragged Crows. We're told they're "morris/hobocore" and that "the dancers dance in rags and bells and carry rusty pipes." The Ragged Crow, of course, being a morris dance, and hobocore being a reference to Questionable Content, one of the best webcomics out there.

Great band names all around! Thanks, guys!

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