Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summertime, And The Livin' Is Easy

Well, it's well and truly summer. Long, hot days are here, it's the (in)famous Fourth of July Weekend, and that means long walks, playing at REI, barbecues, things of that nature. It does not, traditionally, include hanging around at home playing on the internet and posting to blogs, but it's been a while, so we'll put some new Band Names Of The Day up for you.

The first one comes from someone we know and love cleaning chipped toenail polish of her tootsies:

The Acetones, which can only... wait, what? It's already taken? Yup, seems there's The Ace-Tones, Acetone,  and even The Acetones! We can't use that, it's already taken.

OK, so, earlier in the day we were off on a long walk climbing Albany Hill, and in a pinch, that could do quite well. Especially since it calls out to "Blueberry Hill," made famous by Fats Domino. And with that in mind:

Albany Hill, which... is also already taken? God damnit! Stupid local boys using local names...

When in doubt, they say, look to inspiration from nature. Unfortunately, we're inside right now, so the nearest things to nature at the plants on the mantelpiece and Willie the cat who, incidentally, seems to enjoy hanging out inside the fireplace. Apparently he isn't black enough and need to track soot wherever he can. However, that in itself can lead to inspiration:

The Chimney Cats, who could be a hell of a blues or swing band. They could go old-time jugband too, or even more toward a contemporary hipster-style acoustic rock- really, quite versatile. And there's no band named The Chimney Cats that comes up in the first page of Google, so we've done due diligence and the Devil take the hindmost!

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