Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So What IS The Rumpus?

No shit, there we were, geeking out over Google+ like good little geeky things, when someone *ahem* said his life was a bit too proper.

As these things happen, people agreed. Well, what would you expect from people who come up with a band name every god damned day?* We're not the sort to enjoy being normal, common, pedestrian, or in any ways "proper."

This needed to be solved, opinions were stated, and the next thing we knew there was a club proposed and then instantly taken out back and shot, because what's more commonplace than a club? But this left us with a name sort of flapping in the breeze and not being of any use to anyone.

So we recycled it as the Band Name Of The Day:

The Rumpus Club, which could be anything really, but more often then not plays a swingin' sort of modern take on 1940's tiki-kitch-style "Hawaiian" music. They have a ballad about the Wild Things, and another one about Trader Vic, and yet another one about Woody Woodpecker, and supposedly a rude one about Santa Clause and one of the reindeer, but we can't substantiate that.

*Yes we do. Don't forget that we only post a small percentage of the band names invented every day, so don't think for a moment that we don't have at least one for every day! Hush, you in the back! Do not question The Blogger(s)!

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