Friday, July 15, 2011

Stawberry Fields Forever

Oh man, do we ever have band names for you tonight! We'll just skip the excuses and whacky stories about the hows and whys and wherefores we haven't posted recently, and just jump into this gluttony of band names!

Up first, we have one inspired by a deeply embedded correspondent in central California. How, exactly, this band name came to be is up for debate, but suffice it that it includes a discussion on the new Google+:

Carnivorous Clowns, which can only be some sort of rock and roll horror show. Maybe something as passe and insipid as an Insane Clown Posse cover band, but probably more along the lines of Slayer crossed with Operation Ivy doing an arena show a la KISS' Psycho Circus tour.

Next up, we have one brought directly to us via that other social network, where our San Francisco source writes:

"Zonule of Zinn" has got to be the best anatomical name ever, and should be either the title of a children's book about wizardry, or a band name — possibly both.

Quite likely both, we'd say, in fact, a mid-70's style psychedelic trance outfit. But our source isn't done yet! He continues:

I was thinking 60's, but yeah: "On tonight's bill: The Strawberry Alarm Clock headlining; Zonule of Zinn opening."

Good times all around. Zonule of Zinn could be just about anything, but it would be far out, that's for sure.

Then we have another quick one stemming from another Google+ conversation, this with a certain punk from Oakland:

The Rocket Snails, who can only be some sort of indie or punk band. Wait, what's that? You want to see what inspired that? Oh, alright:


And finally, we have a truly great band name inspired by a spoonerism (of sorts) on tonight's NPR program:

A Switch At The Sleep. Boy oh boy, this could be be anything, from a blues band made up of power plant employees to a band of middle-aged banjo players toodling away in the folk music scene. Have fun, enjoy your weekend, and don't burn down anything that can't be replaced.

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