Friday, June 3, 2011

The theme of the day is cyberpunk! Cyberpunk has been getting short shrift (ha!) in current science fiction as everyone seems to be falling all over themselves to write "steampunk novels." So we say forget the gear, go digital!

So without further ado, have some cyberpunk band names!

The Skinjobs! If you've ever seen Blade Runner, you'll get the idea. Dark, fuzzy, dirty club rock, like Rammstein with a (slightly) lighter touch and English lyrics.

Captain Electric, who play darkwave and heavy electronica.

The Fiberoptic Club- pure techno.

Replicant Replicant- driving, bassy house rhythms, heavily sampled and overlaid with 80's drum machine loops and surprisingly insightful lyrics, frequently with a political bent to them.

Cilicon Chips, who made her name as a singer-songwriter of the post-industrial era, mixing theramin and warm electric guitar sounds into soulful social commentary and ballads of lost love in the urban jungle of Silicon Valley.

And finally:

The Glass Electric Transistor Band, who push an an analog take on contemporary, overproduced club music.

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