Monday, May 30, 2011

Bewar the Cat Man

Ah, long weekends! They're an amazing thing. As usual, we came up with a bunch of great band names, and as usual the majority of them got lost in the mists of the bar and are now haunting Berkeley's oldest pub.

We do have one on file from that night, however:

The Froofy Fuckgnomes, which are based on a hilarious photo some friends of ours on long patrol in Europe took. Apparently there's a shop in Amsterdam that sells little garden gnome statues that are joyfully flipping off the camera. The photo had several in different colors. Bang, we had a band name and an album cover! The Fuckgnomes probably play some sort of electronic Euro-pop, like a Dutch version of Daft Punk or something.

Staying on the theme of bouncy electronic music, we've got one on the books from god knows where, although there's talk of it coming from one of the people who were present that night. Unfortunately, it got entered sans name or date or back story or even memory, so it must have been a good night indeed:

Instant Fun, probably another electro-beat outfit, maybe a J-Pop band or maybe an insanely popular underground rave DJ (remember raves?).

On a slightly more sober (though decidedly less serious note) we have another one of our many band names born from Facebook. Someone who shall remain nameless had a new chiapet that was particularly bulbous and speckled much like new chiapets are before they grow mold and plants and stuff. It was sufficiently new that there was some doubt about what it was, and someone thought it was a huge cheese ball that someone had drawn a face on. Some slightly syntaxical reorganization later we have:

Cheeseballs with Faces! This can, of course, only be a hippie jam band. Only hippie jam bands come up with names that are that bizarre and awkward while still evoking a clear (and someone terrifying) picture.

And finally, we have a brief incident where a cat was happily curled up on a neoprene computer sleeve on top of the drier. Band name:

The Neoprene Cats, which is arguably the best Band Name Of The Day, and quite possibly the Best Band Name Of Quite Some Time. This could, of course, make a fantastic adult alternative or light rock band, as well as a bubblegum pop outfit, or even any stripe of jazz band. Good stuff.

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