Friday, May 13, 2011

In The Park After Dark

As many of you will know (though perhaps few may care), we're coming up hard on May 21st, the infamous Day Of Rapture, as foretold by Holy Billboard. The Day of Rapture is one that many of the more rational readers of this blog are looking forward to, since that will be the day when the True Believers are finally lifted from their reverie and shown that utter dunces they've been. It's not going to cure of them of their duncery of course, but at least it'll give the rest of us a good reason to point and guffaw.

Anyhow, this has prompted a writer friend of ours to come up with some fantastic Band Names Of The Day, specifically for Day of Raptor. Rapport. Rapture. Ahem.

The VelociRapturs, a band of smart asses that dress in dinosaur costumes and sing hymns in horrible overwrought stylings, specifically to rub the other guys the wrong way. Who are of course:

The Rapturettes, a Vegas-style religious revival chorus line who high-kick their way into the afterlife. We suspect they may have misconstrued the term "chorus line," but that's pure conjecture.

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