Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sharp Dressed Man

A certain handsome and dashing fellow who is fond of a good pint, a fast motorcycle and a dangerous smile, and who also happens to be comrade-in-arms to a good number of your tawdry hosts was approached today and asked for pocket change. In Oakland, California, this is nothing new.

What was new was that the beggar in question was wearing a fine set of tweeds complete with hat and natty, well-trimmed beard and was tapping tobacco out of his pipe, which had gone out.

There's a band name in that:

The Tweedy Beggars, which we envision to be an English-style folk-rock band in the vein of the Fairport Convention or Jethro Tull with less blues. A bit of skiffle, perhaps, or even some jazz influence, but certainly class (well, working class) and hot licks.

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