Monday, May 16, 2011

Medical Lovesong

It's been a few days again, and here we are, posting right as the rain comes in. Sunny days = slow blog days; rain days = blog posts. There may be a pattern there.

Anyhow, we have some fantastic Band Names Of The Day for you today! The first one comes from a mysterious and suave character we can only refer to as G., but rest assured that this person has some serious knowledge about band names.

Also, G. has studied biology, and was inspired by a recent content label from a package in the lab. This is our first Band Name Of The Day, which we hope will tide you over the weekend:

Diagnostic Specimen Packs, which would be a fantastic name for an electronica band, sort of like Daft Punk but with surgical masks instead of helmets and a creepy laboratory feel to them.

This segues nicely into our next BNOTD, which comes from a Facebook discussion about infant botulism. Apparently it can lead to "floppy baby syndrome." The discussion linked to a rather disturbing image labeled appropriately enough "how to tell if your baby is dead." The second BNOTD, for Monday, May 16th, 2011 is:

Floppy Baby! According to the FB discussion they play R&B, which we suppose stands for "something and baby." We're a little worried about what "something" is.

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