Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Lord Of Mayo

So today is Cinco de Mayo the umpty-up anniversary of some battle in Mexico. It's no big deal, really, in Mexico, but huge here in the US, mostly because of beer commercials. Mind you, had they won, Napoleon's army would have had a foothold in Mexico to help out the CSA in the American Civil War.

So, perhaps a Mexican-Americana Band Name would be more the appropriate today.

But what...? Got it! Montezuma's Revenge! It'd be perfect, a 1970s bluegrass band that plays big festivals and draws huge crowds and... wait, what, they exist?

Well, crap.

Never to be outdone, we've come up with a new Band Name Of The Day:

Montezuma's Hat! They play Spanish-language punk music in Mexican wrestler masks and sing about local authority.

1 comment:

  1. Actually, it is (or was) a comedy/parody/country/blues band from San Diego way back in the 1970's and the boys have regrouped. They had two hits on Dr. Demento, and their lead guitarist could also play Orange Blossom Special at full speed on the bagpipes.

    And yes, I am describing a real band.