Friday, May 6, 2011

Take Five (Technically: Take Two On The Sixth)

Today we have a follow-up to yesterday, which is really entirely too appropriate for the day after Cinco de Mayo. In fact, it's even a food-themed band name! But in the interest of not having this hanging over (hah!) you, we won't bore you with details. Suffice it to say, our long scout in Fresno has struck again with some prime intel:

I am having ice cream for dinner. Not a bad band name. And in that vein... and she included a link for us.

Ice Cream For Dinner would indeed be a great band name, and a truly useful one to a broad swath of musical tastes. Alt-rock, sure! It might be a bit awkward for punk, but would be great for a cappella or a singer-songwriter duet. Second-rate for rap and heavy metal, but truly classy for an electronica outfit like Daft Punk.

She also included a link to a fabulous page full of ice cream band names! We're not not entirely certain if these are ice cream names that sound like bands, or band names based on ice cream, but hey, music and ice cream? We are so there!

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