Sunday, May 22, 2011

Forty Licks (And Counting)

Hey, we're back! The rapture didn't really suck us up into the big space vacuum, that was just a vicious rumor circulated. You'll be able to appreciate it when we tell you that nobody here at BNOTD is in any danger of the rapture, and we're not talking about scientifically.

It's been another good weekend, including a night of Pirates of the Caribbean IV, a night of bottomless sake in a sushi joint, and a night of carousing in the world's best tiki bar. And then, back home, we found another great band name from our agent in Fresno, California, who writes that

From highly caffeinated, partially disturbed conversation that I can't really replicate with any sort of integrity comes tonight's Band Name Of The Day After The Rapture Didn't Happen:

Not the Licking Kind. This is a fantastic band name because it's incredibly versatile, has that strong edge of denial, and yet has that word in there, that licking, which implies all sorts of potentially naughty things without ever actually giving them up. Perfect.

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