Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Your Own Personal Jesus

Sometimes, you've just got to be your own personal Jesus and save yourself. So it seems to be going with this blog- if we don't post, it doesn't magically get filled with brilliant posts by other people on the internet, so we'll just have to make due ourselves.

See, the windows were down, the hot air roaring through the cabin of the truck, bouncing off the speakers as Depeche Mode sang about reaching out and touching faith and bang! Band Name Of The Day:

Touch Faith, which is of course a Christian band. But the real beauty of this name isn't apparent at first- as it stands, it can really only be one type of music, until we start making minor alterations. Riffs, if you will:

Touch/Faith, for instance, quickly becomes a goth band. Maybe a Depeche Mode cover band, maybe just something dark and grinding that's consistently rumored to be satanic. Or we could have...

Faith Touch, who could a lead singer for a rock band, a perverted female singer/songwriter, hell, even a drag queen doing Broadway revue!

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