Saturday, January 8, 2011

Route 66? Screw that, we're takin' the plane!

Well, dear readers, it's been a busy few days. Most of the house is down in Davis, dealing with January and the new quarter, while 1/4 of the gang is up in Seattle, drinking way too much coffee, just the right amount of beer, wearing down the boots and having a grand ol' time.

We also checked out the most amazing sushi restaurant in Seattle, where we came up with a belated bandname for Thursday, as well as Friday's.

Since it came up first, Thursday's BNOTD is:

The Noncommittal Fishies. Sushi can't really be described as happy fishies (let's face it, they don't really have much feelings in any direction at that point), so they're noncommittal. Or this could describe a disaffected hipster band.

The second one, brought to you by a conversation that went downhill from TNF, is:

Alien Sushi. 'Cause just as we eat fish, there's no reason we couldn't be sushi for something else, something larger and even more bizarre than humans. Something like aliens. This would be a perfect name for a groove-funk band, or a Japanese electronica band. Like Daft Punk, but with Asian overtones.

Which leaves us with today. Since we're up in Seattle, and really ought to do something to commemorate this wonderful city, the Band Name Of The Day for Saturday, 1/8/2011, is:

Spacey and the Needles! Which would be a great name for a hipster band OR an electronica band! Like Daft Punk.

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