Saturday, January 15, 2011

Riding the Crazy Train

For the first time in almost two weeks, the whole house is under the same roof again. Some of us have been dealing with the start of the quarter, some have been making plans for future traveling, and some have been off galavanting about Seattle. Today has been a day of catching up on errands, catching up on friends, and generally running around being busy.

One of those catching up things happens to be finding the blog of a musician friend of ours, Hans York, who travels the country playing music. Last year he hit 49 states! We suggest you check out his blog (he has a real knack for words), and go listen to his music.

Unfortunately, all that has lead to not much time to chatter, drink, and come up with horrible band names. That'll happen tonight, but at that point we really shouldn't be posting on the internet. So, readers to the rescue! If you have a great BNOTD, go ahead and leave it in the comments!

In fact, that's just what a certain friend of ours did. Steve teaches university English, and had great taste in music. He's no slouch, and gave us a whole list of band names:

Meat Hammer, which would be fantastic for a hard rock or metal band. Probably something profane.

Cartoon Jesus, on the other hand, would be great for a soft-core Christian rock band, or an indie group with an Andy Warhol bend to them.

Mucus Plug is pure punk rock.

Basal Ganglia, of all the ones listed, is probably the most versatile. This could be a New Wave band, a post-punk group, academic hip-hop (although they'd spell it Bass-L Ganglia), even the name of a faux-Flamenco singer, if you pronounce it Bah-Sahl Gang-LEE-ah.

Thanks, Steve! Everyone else- we will happily accept your contributions below.

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