Sunday, January 23, 2011

Good Day Sunshine

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Oakland, California. We lazed about, some of us road tripped out to Concord to pick up a book shelf (and subsequently spent several hours amending that damn shelf to where we could follow the included instructions), other stayed home and created posters for the EBBC. In the evening, we all went out for some awesome sushi and then the local dive bar (tag line: Good Spirits for Bad People. We'll happily whore ourselves out give props to any establishment with that sort of humor).

In addition to (or possibly because of) all the swearing and drinking, the day was rife with misunderstandings. Somebody said something. Somebody else said "what? Finger squirrels?" "No, no, finger soreness!"

And so on and so forth. Naturally, finger squirrels became a thing, and the misunderstandings compounded until we got the Band Name Of The Day, which was:

The Red Felt Finger Squirrels! They play skiffle and wear silly costumes. Also, look for red felt finger squirrels on Etsy in the near future. I'm certain they'll appear.

Which leaves us wanting a BNOTD today, but since it's early yet and the most exciting thing we've done is swear at a shelf, we'll have to look to our backlog.

Ah, here's one! Fittingly enough, it was also the product of a misunderstanding (and probably drinking- I don't remember much about how it came to be), but it's much better than The Damn Bookshelves. No, no, this is:

Embezzled By Nuns, a contemporary art-rock band the likes of which the world has never seen. They've got a rabid cult following of music theorists and pretentious youngsters, and are beloved by DJs and loathed by record company execs everywhere for their wicked way with words and general orneriness with mere mortals.

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