Sunday, January 2, 2011

In The Year 2525

Happy New Year, folks!

It's been a few days again, mostly because we were all off partying way too much. In LA, in Oakland, in San Francisco, even back home in Davis, the whole house has been livin' it up like, well, it's a dozen years after 1999.


We have, however, been lax about posting new Band Names of the Day, so here's a backlog, mostly submitted by readers!

First off, hearkening back to Thursday, December 30th, we have one courtesy of the hosts here in Oakland, which is:

Amy's Home for Wayward Potatoes. In the vein of Bay Area and hippies everywhere, this would be great for a contemporary bluegrass band of California college students. They probably play socially-conscious bluegrass covers of Nirvana tunes or something.

And then, on the 31st, the partying began! And that called for something bit further afield, this time from a party guest a few weeks ago, who suggested:

Luscious Gums, a good name for a geriatric lounge singer, although I suspect the inventor of this particular name was thinking about a hick band.

January 1st dawned gray, drizzly, and somewhat hungover. And thus the Band Name Of The Day for 1/1/'11 was:

The Gluegun Assassins! This name was suggested by a friend of the house, and would be useful for an indie band, or a punk band that has knit amplifier cozies. Said friend's significant other suggested another great name, which is today's Band Name Of The Day, and is very appropriate for the theme of the past few days:

Half Pint and the Six Packs. We've been drinking a lot, why do you ask? Half Pint and the Six Packs would a fantastic name for a bar house band of just about any stripe.

Of course, we really couldn't start 2011 off without a Bonus BNOTD, so it fits that this quality individual has given us a second band name, this one slightly more obscure:

Judge Reinhold and the 12 Angry Jurors, a solid name for any band composed of law students.

Here at BNOTD we hope you have a fantastic 2011, filled with music and good cheer. Feel free to suggest band names, and we'll post 'em as we have the time!

Thanks from all of us here at Band Name Of The Day.

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