Monday, January 17, 2011

Clowns To The Left Of Me, Jokers To The Right

Well, dear readers, it appears we have failed you once again in not bringing you a BNOTD for yesterday, and that after all the hoopla on Saturday about coming up with band names!

See, the really sad part is that we came up with not just one, but two really, really good band names on Saturday night. No shit, there we were, solidly on the drunk side of the tipsy line, when someone said something and it was like a God said let there be rock, and there was rock. We looked at each other and like out of one mouth, said "Band Name!"

The night rolled on, the jokes flew thick and fast, and then it happened again!

The next morning we turned to each other and remembered what fantastic band names we'd come up with last night, but we couldn't have remembered what it was if our lives had depended on it. No matter, we just came up with Sunday's BNOTD on Sunday. And we did. And we forgot.

Humiliation galore. We never posted.

But today, there was music. By a real, honest-to-God band. Among this band was a certain fiddler, and he gave us the BNOTD. In true musician fashion, he came up with it by walking over a chair, and saying "call me a klutz."

Klutz. A good name for prog-rock or alternative bands, or if we modify it to The Klutzes, good for just about anything else. Except for electronica, that requires a somewhat more abstract name, like Daft Punk.

Anyhow, not content with being awesome once, Mr. Fiddler had anticipated this moment, and come up with another band name a few weeks ago we never got around to posting. Being and Irish band, this particular group is composed of mostly of burly gentlemen, with the occasional addition of one of several really hot lady fiddlers. Not sure why, but we've got about a dozen buzzing around the larger Bay Area Celtic scene, and they're always welcome. The Fiddler, of course suggested a band name:

Three Buddhas And A Goddess. It's not a bad name, but will probably be wasted on some sort of trashy new-age quasi-religious band that thinks it's deep because it discovered synthesizers.

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