Thursday, January 20, 2011

So Why Don't You Slide?

Ah, yes, it's starting to pick up speed! It's the course of any blog, band, fad, person, what have you- they start small, then other people start to contribute, and it gather speed. And speed! And SPEED!


Anyhow, we're stockpiling an increasing (slowly) list of band names of potential future band names, and it's thanks readers like you.

Lately, a lot of those readers have been musicians, which is awesome. Today, one of those musicians gave us:

The Snodules! This is a rare and fantastic BNOTD because it's so fantastically versatile. The Snodules could be a skiffle band, a jazz band, a punk band, a folk band, a nerdcore band (especially if they became S-Nodule), a... well, ok, it would be lousy for a hardcore rap outfit, but it'd be great for folk, swing, country, spoken word (in an ironic sense), a capella, even a broadway revue!

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