Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scott Who? Versus The What?

Today we've got some interesting band names for you from a few different corners of the world. There has been a pretty heavy interest in indie, punk rock, folk and other wierd sorts of music here, mostly because they tend to have weird band names.

Today is no different. Let's dive right in:

The Indie One-Shots, who were obviously formed for a one-off show at a festival or rally or something, and were so well received that they stuck around for 13 years and 4 albums, including 2 #3 hits in the US, 4 #2 hits in the UK, and a staggering 5 #1 hits on the Japanese pop charts! They do pretty well, but the lead singer's girlfriend still insists that "one-shots" is an appropriate name. We're sure we have no idea why.

The next one's a bit more... unusual. Well, perhaps not, depending where you're from. This is another one from The Chemist, who happens to live just down the peninsula from San Francisco. He'd know...

Nacho Mama's Escorts, a band of cross-dressing, gender-fucked ambiguous call girls from the Tenderloin of San Francisco, who just so happen to have a vocal jazz quartet on the side. They're locally famous for their cover of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." Especially the baritone is well known for her sultry, rich vocals.