Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sweet Loretta

Ladies and Gents, it's been a bit of a hibernation period here at BNOTD, but don't worry- we've reunited the Warped House, and good lord do we have band names for you! Some are in rather bad taste, but that's OK, you'll survive.

The first one we have comes from a strange article about automatons in medieval churches. Yup, they had mechanical devils! This, in turn, leads to our first Band Name Of The Day:

The Wigged Out Church Goers! This would be a great band name for a rock band of recovering cultists, but more realistically probably more along the lines of some sort of punk outfit. Not Daft Punk, just, y'know, regular punk. In a roundabout way, this came in by the Barber, but he had some help from various and sundry... individuals.

And hey, while we're on blasphemy (don't worry, it gets better worse later this week!), here's one to really wig out the church goers:

The Glandular Secrets, which can be nothing but a feminist punk rock band. Or a transgender kickline, either way. Thanks to the Chemist for that one!

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