Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dude Looks Like A Lady

So no shit, there we were, dressed up like Landsknechte and drinking various, um, non-alcoholic beverages, when the topic of insults came up. And then Mr. Mustache came up with a particularly awesome insult, which would make an even more awesome Band Name Of The Day:

The Hermaphroditic Apophallators! Yeah, that's got a really short Wikipedia link, so you know it's gotta be good! For those amongst you who are lazy, hermaphroditism is, of course, being both genders, while apophallation is the deliberate amputation of the penis in case of genital entanglement.

OK, take a moment and breath, get that image out of your head. Ready? Good, now go back and read it again. Yup, that's apophallation.

We imagine that these guys play the worst kind of gutterpunk available, and do it loud, proud and with chutzpa. Hermaphroditicly apophallated chutzpa.


  1. Ok, here's another one for free: The Pignoramuses. Because they're Pignoramuses, they don't know that the plural of pignoramus is pignorami, which doesn't make 1/3 as good a band name.

  2. Aaaand.....

    Get Kraken, a metal/cops or mafia band.

  3. Excellent, those are both great, Mark! We'll post them as soon as we can. Keep 'em coming!