Monday, August 22, 2011

I Like Chinese

So no shit, there we were, eating dim sum in a joint in Alameda, when Band Name Of The Day came up. Most of the people there were not heavily involved in this project (one had been in on the joke from the get-go, but had moved out of that strange house before the blog got started, and the rest were only peripherally involved), so they were able to come up with a whole list of band names.

And, since we were in a dim sum restaurant, some of these took on a certain, um, ethnic streak.

Oh, and one of the people there was military. Currently on leave from Kuwait. That didn't help.

Here we go:

The Dim Sum Debutantes- A San Francisco motown revue.

Jihadi Panda- This one's awkward. Frankly, there's no way to make this polite. It's probably a bunch of talented by crude college musicians who play middle eastern folk music and drink way too much.

The Custard Buns- Either a girly-girl j-pop band, or a girly-boy j-pop band in drag. Either way, probably really good at what they do and/or hilarious.

The Krazy Kuwaiti Kaffeeklatsch- Hip hop, pure and simple. Arabic, by the way, is a great language for rap!

Pornographic Hijab- Wow, we're gonna get whacked for this one. Jazz. Old-school. Cabaret style.

Bao Wow-Wow-a Chinese knock-off of Bow Wow. Only, unlike most knockoffs, he's actually better than Bow Wow, and only knocked off his look- for the most part, he plays traditional Chinese music and free jazz.


  1. I had heard a different chinese band called Bao wow wow, after the 80's British band.
    I distinctly remember the lyrics to one of their songs.
    "Children I wanna warn ya (whoo oh)"
    "Because I've out to Mongolia (whoo oh)"

  2. Well, there you have it! Not eligible after all!