Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Say What?

Some days, the band names are just plain weird. Granted, in this place that's more often than not, but sometimes we're left scratching our heads and asking who came up with that? How did we come up with that? Why did we post it?

No matter. The first one we came up with while drinking heavily at a party last Saturday. We think. There was a lot of very good wine. And somehow something came up about doing something very unpleasant to someone for some reason. The details are murky, but someone agreed that it'd be worth it if they got a roofie out of it. Someone else said they'd be eating roofies like candy and then... Band Name:

Roofies Like Candy. This is obviously a trance or techno band, specializing in the rave circuit. They're sort of like a candy kid version of Daft Punk. Hey, where else could you use a band name that combines the words "roofies" with the word "candy"?

But that pales in comparison to the next one. Remember the last post where we talked about having dim sum with some old friends? Well, the very first band name that popped out of The Chemist's mouth was:

Cthulhu Nipples! On one hand, this combines to awesome things: Cthulhu and nipples!* On the other hand... well, the idea of combining a be-tentacled elder God's own mirth buttons just seems a bit dangerous. Make of that what you will, but they probably play fantasy rock and/or metal.

*And just what did you expect to find under that link?

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