Monday, August 1, 2011

They Told Me He Was Bad

Band Name Of The Day Staff Writer dropping in really quickly here to offload some band names for you.

Number one, straight out of Oakland, California, by way of Dr. Who (don't ask) is:

Bad Guy Boyfriend! This is an excellent band name- it could be a teenybopper band like Hanson or early Silverchair, all the way through to a true, adult-contemporary metal band. Not the over-testosteroned young hotheads that have spikes on every conceivable wardrobe item, but the sort that's been around for a while, knows how to pace themselves for a grueling tour and can rock the house like no other, night after night after night and still get up the next morning.

Then we have one flying in via text message carrier pigeon from Juggler (remember Juggler?), about 90 miles to the north-east of Headquarters. He suggests:

Traditional Shank Hand, and writes that they play traditional Irish music with a heavy rock influence. Sort of like Flogging Molly, but less punk and more Metallica before they started to suck. Apparently this was something that was come up with after a particularly grueling hapkido class.

The next one also comes from Juggler, but has somewhat more... nebulous origins:

Piss Window. Juggler writes that they absolutely have to play British punk and wear plaid pants and Doc Martens. Apparently nobody remembers how they came up with that one, but that's entirely fitting.

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