Friday, December 17, 2010

Bad Touch!

In the continuing saga of Warped Guests Visiting a Warped House, we have a couple of nice band names for your Friday!

The first one was precipitated by a spirited discussion on whether Beggin' Strips are, in fact, bacon or not. Long story short, this lead to the first Band Name Of The Day, which is:

The Devil's Bacon!

OK, this was mostly inspired by Steve's description of Beggin' Strips. The second one has a somewhat more tawdry origin, which is that the Warped Guests were in a car with part of the Warped House, going to nearby Old Sacramento to, um, have good, clean wholesome fun. Or so they told the rest of us. All we know is that they came back giggling about the second BNOTD, which is:

Uncle Creepers and the Trunk-Candy Orchestra.

We recommend this for a New Orleans-style jazz orchestra or a psycho-billy group with Appalachian overtones.

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