Thursday, December 16, 2010

Classical Gas

Well, it's been an eventful week here at BNOTD, but nothing stops the irrepressible march of the Band Names!

It's 12:28 AM, PST, so let's keep this short and sweet before things get out of hand.

The BNOTNow is...

Embolism Air.

Despite stemming from a potentially serious and generally nasty medical condition, Embolism Air would be a good name for a trance-jazz or light electronica band. If you make that a common noun (The Embolism Air), it would be good for a pretentious steampunk ensemble, because really, is there any other kind?

And because we're well into the Midnight Hour (thank you, Wilson Pickett), here's a Bonus Band Name!

The Night Watch, which would be quite suitable for a string quartet specializing in romantic movements in a minor key, or a fantasy metal band.

That's all from BNOTD tonight! Stay tuned for more band names as they come hot off the assembly line of our warped imagination!

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