Sunday, December 12, 2010

BNOTD on the road!

Happy Sunday, ladies and gents!

Today, BNOTD goes on the road, all the way down to Oakland, California. We're off visiting some dear acquaintances, and if you're off visiting folks a couple of weeks before Christmas, you go shopping. You just do.

You can already see where this is going.

One of the nice people we're visiting bought some interesting ornaments of... quirky animals. So the first BNOTD is...

Downhill Hippos!

A very suitable name for an indie band. Told ya they were quirky.

However, since we tend so strongly toward quirky names suitable for indie bands, here's a second one:

The Glass Ornaments.

As band names go, this one's highly versatile- a high school a cappella band, a smooth jazz band specializing in holiday music, any sort of poppy girl band, contemporary hipster alt-rock or sensitive adult alternative. Wouldn't recommend it for gutter punks, however, unless you're going for the "glassed in the teeth" reference.

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