Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spin, spin, sugar!

Good afternoon, dear readers! Today's Band Name(s) of the Day are of a decidedly sweet variety. With Christmas rapidly approaching, everyone here has been swimming in candy, so of course we need to honor the Mighty Sugar Plum Fairy and pay her tribute in suitably sweet band names!

And so, the first piece of tribute to the SPF comes from a friend of ours down in California's awkward secret. She suggested I use the second entry in this blog post from Cake Wrecks as a band name, which gives us...

The Homicidal Penguins. Obviously, a great name for a ska band.

The second one came from a conversation on FaceBook, centoring on the image of someone in a cute little bowler had and Victorian dress wielding an enormous candy cane like a hunting rifle. Clearly, a fantastic band name would be:

The Candy Snipers. 'Cause, really, that's just awesome. Good for electronica bands catering to the rave culture.

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