Friday, December 24, 2010

Chorus: lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...

Well, folks, it's Christmas eve, and the entire gang from BNOTD is off doing various things. A couple of us are off with family (one all the way on the East Coast!), one has simply imported his family, and the fourth has cleverly escaped family and is hanging out in the Bay Area with the girlfriend and assorted amigos.

If, however, you think that would stop us, you'd be wrong! And so, at eight in the evening on Christmas eve, we present you a band name:

Lorem Ipsum, which, being Latin, is entirely appropriate to Christmas and various biblical shtuff. Obviously, this would be a great name for a choir, but we think it could also do nicely for a dark wave or goth band (especially if you expand it to Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet), a pretentious a capella group of copywriters or even an academic punk band. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Have fun, and merry Christmas!

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