Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Well, it's been a few days since we've had a BNOTD, but never fear, we shan't let you down! We're all back home in the Warped House, and the Warped Guests are off on a mini trip-within-a-trip down to some hellish little backwater town for a few days before the holidays kick into high gear.

And by "holidays" we mean "Christmas." Moving right along.

The first BNOTD was inspired by a horrible conversation we had while watching the opening credits to TRON,which is very important to this post because Daft Punk did the soundtrack. Here at BNOTD, we like Daft Punk. Without further ado, the first BNOTD is:

Jalapeno Death Syrup. Besides the obvious applications of Latin punk, this would be good for an electronica band such as Daft Punk.

Coming home from TRON, we settled in for tea and ice cream, 'cause that's how we roll. And, as is often the case, WoW came up. Specifically, one of use put large blobs of whipped cream on his ghetto sundae, which were promptly annexed by the girlfriend, which caused an argument about the disputed confection. And the second BNOTD is:

Whipped Cream Nodes, after the mineral deposits in WoW. A great name for a speed-freak jazz ensemble specializing in porno soundtracks, and electronica bands. For instance, a band resembling Daft Punk.

And finally, running along the same direction on a very different line of thought:

Underground Ninjas. We recommend this for indie bands or for electronica bands. Like Daft Punk.

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