Friday, December 10, 2010

Bungle in the Jungle

Wow, it's not even one in the afternoon, and we've already got three band names for you!

The first comes, once again, from an exam gone wrong, and it is...

Cure for Polo.

Someone suggested we have a cure for measles, mumps and polo. Nope, not polo. Not yet, anyhow.

The second one came from a house discussion on weird animals. Specifically, that koalas only eat eucalyptus, which has a bit of intoxicating effect on them, leading to permastoned koalas. Koalas are naturally cantankerous beasts, so koalas suddenly cut off from their little addiction might well turn out like our second BNOTD:

Teddy Bears on PCP!

Terrifying visual, to be sure, but then the conversation got really weird. I won't pain you with how we came to  our third band name, and just leave it at:

The Exploding Sloths.

Let's just say this is part of the infamous "retarded bees" phenomenon plaguing this house. We'll explain that some other day.

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