Monday, December 27, 2010

Bad touch!

As you might imagine from last night's post, things got bad, and then got worse. From beer, we moved on to China Clippers, shots, and finally a devilish invention we dubbed Santa's Little Helper:

Ginger extract (steep grated ginger in vodka for a few weeks)
Light rum
Mai Tai mix
Soda water
Mix about 1:1:2:2 over ice. Delicious and dangerous as a razor blade dipped in blowfish toxin. Clearly, this will be our first Band Name Of The Day:

Santa's Little Helpers. Fantastic name for those annoying bands who spring up in shopping malls around the holidays and beg for money to save the puppies.

However, that's really from last night, so we'll retroactively call that Band Name Of Last Night, and base the Band Name Of The Day on the after effects we found in our guts this morning:

Angry Little Ball Of Hate. Obviously, this would be a new-wave punk band.

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