Thursday, December 23, 2010

Heavy metal thunder.

What with the holidays and other stuff leading to stupid levels of stress and business, Band Name Of The Day is rapidly becoming Multiple Band Names Every Few Days. Hopefully, that will rectify itself soon, but for the time being, we've got a couple more for you.

This morning (and last night, and really, much of the past 14 months or so) has involved one member of this household fighting the Fresno State transcript office in the vain hope of encountering anything resembling intelligence there. So far, no luck. But this has lead to two Band Names! The first one comes from this person staring at their own phone number on the cell phone screen for way too long. The name is:

510 (pronounced Five And Dime). This would be good for a local hip-hop outfit, or could be varied into some sort of old-school arrangement, maybe the Five And Dime Vocal Trio. Be creative.

The second Band Names Of Ever Few Days is more directly rooted in transcript office shenanigans. Clearly, this leads to heavy metal band names, in this case:

Hate Cannon. Can be augmented with a choral section to make Hate Canon, if you'd like.

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